What we can do

Be the first choice by being the best choice is a simple statement. At Williamston Products, Inc. this has been achieved one customer at a time. Our customers trust us to provide superior crafted interior parts by tapping into our experience and working in partnership to achieve results. Our manufacturing and engineering expertise allows us to tackle challenges, make quick changes and run production smoother than other suppliers.

Cut and Sew

What is cut and sew?

Precision is the key to proper execution for a crafted interior that delivers a “wow” customer experience, while meeting the designer’s vision. It all starts with taking the design, developing a pattern for its specific intent and then using the materials (fabric, vinyl, leather, suede) cut and sewn together with state-of-the-art equipment to create a trim cover. Based on our experience and history, Williamston Products, Inc. can work with very complex shapes or something quite simple. These trim covers can be supplied to the customer directly, or we can take the trim covers and incorporate them into a finished component such as a door armrest or seat headrest (to name a few). We also can provide CNC sewing, embroidery, or hand sewing such as a baseball or Euro stitch which allows us to produce geometric patterns, curved sew lines and hold tight tolerances. This enables us to provide best in class craftsmanship.


Whether your goal is to involve unique textures or lightweight material, the process of creating crafted automotive Interiors begins with designing for manufacturing. WPI evaluates manufacturing feasibility and helps define the wrapping process. The earlier the WPI becomes involved in the product development the more we can help you achieve your design and appearance goals. We execute using tools, fixtures and design features for seam alignment and consistency.

WPI Hand Wrapping

Hand Wrapping

The simplest technique in creating a finished product is wrapping the part by hand. This may also be required with other manufacturing processes if you have a unique or difficult geometric part. The key to achieving the craftmanship using hand wrapping lies in the pattern development, trim cover locating schemes, and the exceptional skill of the WPI workforce.

WPI Adhesive Wrapping

Adhesive Wrapping

Depending on part geometry and application in the vehicle interior space, and its exposure to the elements, adhesive may be required. WPI can help you select the correct adhesive and process to meet your goals. WPI has experience in a full range of adhesives such as hot melt adhesives, 2-part adhesives, and PSA adhesives. WPI will deploy a process technology to apply these adhesives using roll coaters, robotic sprays, hand sprays, or lamination. Currently WPI supplies products using 2D and 3D bladder wrapping as well as press lamination.

WPI Vacuum Thermoforming

Vacuum Thermoforming

Vacuum forming is a process where a TPO/PVC sheet of material is preheated to a pliable forming temperature then formed over a tool to a specific shape. The tool usually will have a substrate with adhesive on it and when formed the material will adhere to this substrate. Excess material is trimmed off and edge folded to create a finished part. WPI can combine both -ve (grain embossed in tool) or conventional vacuum forming with press lamination for a streamlined process.

Polyurethane Foaming

WPI has the capability to pour foam parts in our US and Mexico facilities. This includes foam buns, foam on a stick, and foam in place requirements. This enables WPI to provide a one stop service by the vertical integration of interior crafted components and pass that value on to our customers.

Blow Molding

WPI has been providing Class “A” PVC low gloss durable skins for head rests and consoles since the mid 80’s. Even though this technology has been superseded by cut and sewn interiors it is still a viable option for interior applications for armrests, consoles, or seats. WPI currently produces restraints for headrests using continuous extrusion blow molding.

WPI Blow Molding

Plastic Welding & Assembly

The key to providing value to our customers is with efficient quality driven processes. In order to do this WPI has incorporated assembly and welding operations with advanced error proof systems into our processes. This helps us provide hand crafted finished assemblies with controlled automation that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

WPI Plastic Welding